Egypt Dart Shop, official Winmau Darts Representetive in Egypt, are very happy to announce the arrival of a new up and coming young darts star, Ahmed Bondok . In March, earlier this year, he gave a great performance and carried away the title of EDF Under 18 Boys champion. NotContinue Reading

EGYPTIAN PLAYER ELANSARY SIGNS WITH WINMAU 06 October, 2022 Winmau is very excited to announce a new signing to the Winmau team, Layla Elansary, with Andy Jones (Simon Hall), of the Winmau Marketing Team, stating that they are honoured to be involved with her and are looking forward to LaylaContinue Reading

RECORD DEAL ANNOUNCED AS PDC & WINMAU TEAM UP WITH OFFICIAL PARTNERSHIP An exciting new era for the Professional Darts Corporation has begun following the announcement that PDC events will be played exclusively using Winmau dartboards in a record five-year partnership. In the biggest deal of its kind in the sport’s history,Continue Reading

Egypt darts Shop very happy to announce that Mohamed Gharieb / The Scorpion won his third title of 2021 to secure his position as No 1 player and best player in 2021 after winning the Talent @Sherif Monir(sherio) 2 sets with super performance hitting 2 180 and scores an averegeContinue Reading

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