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December 16, 2016 Kaspersky pro What a Night ,What a Performance

Kaspersky pro What a Night ,What a Performance

Again 301 Darts Shop best Event with Kasperskey lab ,the night Witness a great darts audience that could not catch their breath will watching the performance of the top players giving there best shot to win ,what a great games played last night,the game started with a warm up for all players till the heat is on Ghaerib vs hamada el mowaled witness a hard and tough game 3/2 to Hamada who finish double 20 (first hand) ,than another perfect game played by Saro vs ayman Ayman mansour finished with confidence 3/2 hard luck Saro good play Ayman ,thank you Saro for your Attendance you are an added value to the dart game and Ayman you are advancing day to day best of luck .
A break was a must after these great games than we started to look at great Ramy Banna as he was facing the ambition player Amir Shoshaa who is improving his throw day by day great player for better chances waiting for him in next competition.
Rady Nabiel win Hamada el mowaled in a very good competitive game to meet Ramy and unfortunately lost
Ayman met walid and was a very good game but Winmau waleed is to tough to be beaten hard luck Ayman you are a very good player but tough luck , the crowd shout what a game what a night .
After A Short Break We Came to the final Match Walid VS Ramy
we hear with every darts thrown a big yeeeh or a big wow , 140 by ramy was followed by 140 By walid hard to predict a winner, amazing performance amazing darts players that what we call final from top players .
Ramy win 5/4 ….Wow thank you Ramy ..Thank you Walid for the performance and the focus ,you are both our great players and Ramy thank you to present 301 darts shop as sponsor and of course Walid anwar the Winmau international player introduced by 301 shop we will get you to PDC SOON you deserve it
301 Darts Shop like to Thank The Following
Oliver Spätgens for his support and creative thought and he is engine of our activities (Wish you were here)
Mohamed Gharib for organising such a good Event
Ayman abd El Hamid Kaspersky Agent in Egypt (you are the one )

Adel Fardid (OverTime Venue ) for hosting the Event with good Care
special thanks for Mohamed Hindy (The history) Welcome back we love you
Thanks to Saro you are a super player Please show Again we like to have you wih us
Thanks to Amriko Fahmy for his presence you are Becoming A pro player soon Every body love you
Thanks to fadi Hamouda the great Commentator of all time you didn’t do it this time may be next time
Guys do not forget our great Giant Darts suppliers WINMAU THEY ARE THE BEST DARTS EQUIPMENT EVER
Finally 301 Darts Shop Hopping Every Darts players Fan and Followers a good darts sport and thank you for your Attendance you mean to much for us