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October 9, 2016 Ranking end Of Season

Ranking end Of Season

301 Egypt Darts Shop would like to invite all customers and players for the End of season Ceremony Next Friday 14 October 2016 at Overtime Venue and we  like to say


The Egyptian Darts Player Association (EDPA) is pleased to announce the closure of the ranking tournament season 2016. EDPA ,would like to congratulate all darts players competed in the tournament for their performance, dedication and professionalism.
Special thanks to the organizing committee for their hard work and will to make this a successful season. Key messages to:

• Mohamed Gharieb: Thank you very much, you did a great job in regards to Website Feeds, updates and standings. Having done all these efforts alongside performing on a very high level in the competition. You are one of the best in Egypt.
• Oliver Spagten: Thanks a million for the super reports and news updates. The participants and fans were fascinated by the detailed reports and matches analytics. You were the super star of this ranking and thanks again for sponsoring this tournament with trophies and medals.

• Winmau Darts: Really appreciating sponsoring the event thru providing the necessary equipment to make it a success from Darts Boards to Board Surroundings.

• Hamada El Mowaled: Special thanks for the social media and marketing efforts. Players and fans were entertained with your weekly updates and was such a great effort regarding the venue setup.

The Egyptian Darts Players Association (EDPA) would like to invite all darts players and fans to the “Night of Champions” trophies and award ceremony at Overtime Pub & Restaurant, hosted by Adel Farid on Saturday October 15, 2016.

The “Night of Champions” will feature the following events:

1. Youth Cricket match starting at 8:00PM
2. Ladies Cricket match starting at 9:00PM
3. EDPA Super 501 Match starting at 10:00PM
4. Trophies and awards ceremony starts at 11:00PM
5. EDPA announcement of the new season.
Please note that food will be served on tables starting 9:00PM (assorted tapas & appetizers) along with the nice music played in Overtime. Looking forward to see you all EDPA Organizing Committee


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